Universal GPS Tracker services

Universal GPS Tracker is a service enabled through positioning technologies including GPS, GPRS and remote telemetry with application software, wireless communications to track, control and manage the vehicles in your fleet. Brought to you by Online Networks, a leading company involved in GPS and Internet and security based products. With a GPS device installed in your vehicles, universalgpstracker will empower you to track the exact locations of your vehicles and effectively manage them.

We live in the information age, where information is not a mere operational priority but the business itself. Today, being informed has moved from being a want, to being a need. The usage and application areas of this solution are unlimited. You could be a logistic fleet or a travel company engaging vehicles, a school doing daily shuttles, a hospital reaching out emergency and trauma care. The benefits are generic but on application to your specific environment, it will help optimize your operations in terms of cost, control and comfort.

universal gps tracker can be used to monitor the vehicle or asset’s movement online. When the asset moves this will draw a blue line which will show the trail of the actual current movement. This is useful for applications like Call Taxis and Emergency Fleet Service operators to monitor and dispatch vehicles quickly. universalgpstracker keeps the history of the vehicle’s movements accurately. The users can play the vehicle’s movements for the past few days (upto 2 months) and find out the exact nature of movement or route taken by the vehicle. The route history reports are also downloadable in PDF/Excel/XML and Google Earth (KML) formats.

It’s on your mobile, or your desktop, as simple as that. The entire Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites have very accurate clocks and use radio signals to broadcast location information. A GPS receiver on the ground picks up the signals from the satellites to determine the location of an entity anywhere in the world. With our sophisticated software, a base station and communication links, location can be determined with accuracy down to a centimeter. Visit usĀ tracking device.

The solution is holistic to the level of offering not only positioning information, but also information such as fuel usage, engine idling time etc. All this information can be obtained and monitored live, and even documented as an SMS or a detailed monthly report that includes mileage, route(s) travelled, stops etc. based on your subscription of service.