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How To Spot Unclean Glassware

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Visible residue, like fingerprints or lipstick, is not the only form dirt and grime can take on glassware. Fat or grease-based residues like milk or dish soap can all leave a clear film on glass. This film causes the speedy release of carbonation, causing your beer to go flat, and changing the taste. Odors absorbed from stale air, smoke, or drying towels, may also give beer an off-taste. Find out if your glass is really beer clean by looking for carbonation bubbles on the inside of the glass. On a beer clean glass there will be no irregularities or impurities for bubbles to form on. If you see 3917791802_12b36a3172_obubbles clinging to the sides of a glass, it’s a sure fire sign that the glass has some residual impurities from soap, food, or something else.

You can also beer clean “test” your glassware. The three most common techniques are the sheeting test, the salt test, and the lacing test. The sheeting test involves dipping a glass in water. If the glass is clean, the water will evenly coat it.  If there is an invisible film, the water will break up into droplets on the inside surface. For the salt test, sprinkle salt on the inside of a wet glass – it will not adhere to the parts that still contain a greasy film. The lacing test happens after a glass has been filled with beer (so we recommend not wasting your finest pours with this particular test). As a beer is consumed, the foam should adhere to the inside of the glass in uniform, parallel rings forming a lace pattern.  If there is film, there may be a random pattern from the foam or no pattern at all.

An easy way to keep your glasses beer clean without any special processes is to make sure that your beer glassware is used for just that- no milk, soda, or juice.

Beer clean glasses are cleaned in a very specific way with certain techniques and special cleansers. According to the DBQM, there are two acceptable, effective ways to clean your glassware for guaranteed beer clean results: manually washing in a three-tub sink or using a dedicated automatic glass washer from For manual cleaning, it is important to clean sinks and work area prior to cleaning the glassware.  First, clean the glass in hot water with a detergent that is not fat or oil-based.  Make sure not to empty any water from the glass into the cleaning water so cleaning solutions are not diluted.

Second, scrub the entire glass (interior, exterior surfaces, and the bottom of glass) with a cleaning brush to remove film and residue. Using motorized cleaning brushes will allow for a more thorough washing. Then, make sure to rinse in cold water. Finally, sanitize the glass in the third sink filled with hot water and an appropriate sanitizer. If using a glass washing machine, it’s imperative that you dedicate this machine to bar and beer glassware only. Wash glasses with equipment from at a hot temperature (between 130º and 140º) and use the correct detergent, sanitizing, and/or rinsing agents.

Check concentrations daily and regularly service the machine to keep its performance where. Storing your beer glassware after you’ve got it clean is nearly as important as the cleaning itself. Air drying is best as drying towels can leave behind odors or lint. If you do use towels, make sure to use lint-free towels and let them thoroughly dry between uses to prevent mildew growth. Store your beer clean glassware in a stainless-steel wire basket for maximum air circulation.  Glassware should be stored in an area free of odors, smoke, grease, or dust. If storing glasses for frosting, make sure the freezer is clean and odor-free.

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The Difference Between A Dishwasher and A Glasswasher Comments Off on The Difference Between A Dishwasher and A Glasswasher

The Difference Between A Dishwasher and A Glasswasher

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It sounds like a pretty obvious question, given dishes are different to glasses and washed in a totally different way, but most people put both in the same space in their domestic dishwasher rather than washing glasses separately. Glasswashers are specially designed to wash only your glassware. Glasswashers usually have a quick wash speed and can easily be stored under counters, allowing you to position them close to your front of house or serving area for your business. Where possible, you should not use a commercial dishwasher in place of a commercial glasswasher as they are designed to wash plates in a different manner to glasses and at a higher heat, which risks damaging your glassware. Glasswashers also wash faster than dishwashers which can be invaluable to businesses during peak periods when demand is at its highest. Whilst some ware-washers are available that can wash both plates and glasses, glasswashers are more affordable and traditionally offer a higher output for a lower price, making them the best choice for businesses where the prime focus is drinks.8580951494_8936fe3931_o

When purchasing a glasswasher, there are three main things you need to consider:

  1. Your level of demand i.e. how many glasses do you serve or need washed per hour. There are a variety of glasswashers on the commercial market with varying outputs to match different levels of demand. Firstly you need a machine that can match your establishment’s demand during peak periods.
  2. The amount of space you have available and where you can place your glasswasher. Ideally you will want to locate your machine as close to your serving area as possible to minimise the time between each wash cycle and keep up with demand.
  3. What type of drainage your machine requires. Glasswashers operate very similarly to dishwashers and likewise drain through either gravity or a drain pump. If your glasswasher’s waste outlet is lower than the drain standpipe, a drain pump is required. Alternatively, you could use a ware-washer stand such as ware-washing stands to raise your machine above the drain, which then allows for gravity assisted draining (please note, branded stands fit branded machines).

A glasswasher is a commercial ware-washing machine built to quickly and efficiently wash and rinse large quantities of glassware. They are invaluable for businesses with high drinks orders such as pubs, sports bars and clubs. Most glasswashers wash and rinse a rack full of glasses in less than two minutes. This means your fast-paced bar will always have clean glasses ready for serving. It is best practice to have at least two glasswasher racks per machine for an efficient washing cycle – while one rack is in the machine, the others are readied for the next cycle.

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Should You Choose Asphalt or Concrete? Comments Off on Should You Choose Asphalt or Concrete?

Should You Choose Asphalt or Concrete?

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Both types of driveway material need solid foundations prepared by proper companies as a driveway is only as good as what’s underneath. Asphalt can handle extreme temperature fluctuations in some parts of the country as it flexes, which concrete does not do. A lot of people favour concrete driveways as the material is durable and maintenance free. It also lasts longer than asphalt. Others favour asphalt, as if you lay it correctly it holds up just as well as concrete and it’s cheaper. Asphalt driveways are better suited to colder climates overall as constant exposure to higher temperatures. High summers can make asphalt soft and in such circumstances, cracks and grooves may appear on the driveway, which means it will need repairs. It’s a difficult decision to choose16205711661_f39e68a0b7_o the material you want for your driveway. While you want to have something that looks nice you also want practical and when the time comes to install a new driveway, you can choose to hire a company like or you can do it yourself and the biggest decision you’ll make is whether to use concrete or asphalt.

There are of course, other driveway material choices and can show you what these are. Gravel at the low end of the driveway and brick pavers at the high end are popular but concrete and asphalt are the most common and each comes with its advantages or disadvantages. Concrete lasts longer than asphalt, but asphalt driveways are less expensive to install. Asphalt needs more maintenance over time but they are generally easier to repair. In winter, concrete driveways can suffer extensive damage if you don’t use the correct de-icing products. Thing is, the catch 22 is that asphalt is far easier to fix than concrete. Concrete driveways are more resistant to high temperatures but in very cold climates, care must be taken to make sure that the base of the drive is filled with compact gravel. If the foundation is laid incorrectly, concrete driveways are adversely affected by a heave of frost. Salt used on the roads to combat ice and snow will also damage concrete if not careful.

Concrete driveways by are slightly pricier to lay than asphalt but for a few extra pounds you can stamp patterns through the asphalt when you lay it. Typically, concrete lasts up to thirty years while asphalt lasts around twenty years. Installers always will advise that driveways may need to be replaced sooner or last longer depending on the upkeep needed. Your driveway is going to have a lot of wear over the years especially if you have more than one car in your family. You cannot hope to keep things going normally on your drive if you don’t install it correctly and it’s better to use a company who can make the correct adjustments and sort the right materials as well as lay the materials down. Your driveway needs to be low maintenance as possible to ensure the best results.

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Going Abroad For Market Season Comments Off on Going Abroad For Market Season

Going Abroad For Market Season

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There’s nothing like the festive atmosphere of a Christmas market whether that be at home or abroad. The season to start decking the halls and serve up homemade gingerbread men and mulled wine is very nearly upon us and to kick off your Christmas shopping you need a winter break to get those special presents sorted. Stalls around Christmas markets are heavy with wine, meat and roasting chestnuts. You’ve just got to get involved! You can book a break through a website like and get the whole family involved or you can head off on something more romantic for just two of you. Whether you are travelling abroad or staying nearer to home, we’ve put together our top destinations in a two part guide that will get you right in the festive spirit.2

Found in the romantic square of the Austrian capital, twenty-five markets spring up on the beautiful cobbled streets of Vienna which promise elegant gifts in a unique and truly festive setting. The entire city of Vienna get involved with the events, a tradition that began in the 17th Century. The Viennese Christmas Market stands directly in front of City Hall with a charming backdrop perfect for traditional shopping. The highlight other than the delicious aromas that dance from stall to stall are the beautiful voices of international choirs as you search through for that absolutely perfect and unique gift for your loved one. There’s nothing quite like a Viennese Christmas Market and taking the time to book a break and have a look round is something you won’t regret.

The home to the oldest Christmas market in Europe, there are three hundred stalls in Strasbourg promising handcrafted gifts, decorations for the tree and indulgent treats for the taste buds. Not forgetting of course, the rich heavy flavours of the traditional Bredle sweets you can find at every corner. The winter wonderland is always best late in the afternoon as the Christmas lights turn on and the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread waft through the air. If you’re not fussy on lights, then going earlier in the morning means more time to look with less crowds. If you’ve booked your break through a site like you could get fabulous discounts and offers so always check online before you go.

Always famous for its beer and chocolate choices, it’s unsurprisingly a favourite amongst the lovers of the Christmas period. Easily accessed via a hop on the Eurostar, Belgium is perfect for finding Christmas gifts without the fuss. Festively lined in an array of Christmas trees and colourful mood lighting, the market exudes a fantastic festive atmosphere and houses excellent shopping opportunities. The ice rink centred in the market square is perfect for the family and a fun and exciting way to build an appetite for sampling Belgian culinary delights.

Ultimately you have many choices for where you decide to go for your Christmas market break, and that choice lays with you!

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What Energy Efficient Window Treatments Mean

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The windows of the home are where light is let in and also, the elements. You can choose window treatments or coverings not only for decoration and to match the paintwork in each room, but also for saving energy. Some window treatments can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer and choosing the right window blinds Suwanee is imperative to make sure this can happen. It’s not just whether you choose blinds, curtains or shutters that’s the issue, as you need to ensure you caulk the windows. If you don’t weatherstrip and caulk, you won’t reduce air leakage and you’ll be heating a home inefficiently.

Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. You can use an awning to shade one window or have an awning custom made to shade the entire side of the house. Awnings used to be made of metal or canvas, which require recovering every five to seven years. Today’s awnings are made from synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and polyvinyl laminates that are water-repellent and treated to resist mildew and fading. Awnings require adequate ventilation to keep hot air from becoming trapped around the window.

Window blinds whether vertical or horizontal are more effective at reducing summer heat gain than winter heat loss. You can purchase real wood blinds online from a variety of websites and in the summer, wooden interior blinds are great for keeping the sun out and a room cool. Because of the numerous openings in between the slats of blinds, it can be difficult to control heat loss through interior window blinds. If you have bought faux blinds online you’ll be away that you can adjust the slats to control light and ventilation. For example, when completely closed and lowered on a sunny window, highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45%. They can also be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-coloured ceiling. Light ceilings can diffuse the light without much heat or glare.

Blinds that are exterior on the property such as roller blinds, are usually made of wood, steel, aluminium or vinyl. They are mounted above the window and side channels guide them as they are lowered and raised. When you lower outer blinds completely, their slats meet and provide shade. If these are partially raised, the blinds allow some air and daylight to enter through windows.

Whatever the window treatment you choose, you should choose those that can help your energy bills. You can literally be waving goodbye to money as heat escapes from your house if you haven’t appropriately dressed your windows. It’s important to ensure you have double glazed windows where possible but if that isn’t a possibility for your home, then dressing your windows can make the difference.

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How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Units

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The kitchen cabinets you choose are very often dictated by budget, but it’s also important to consider their purpose and longevity. Here’s what the experts advise when choosing the best materials for your kitchen furniture and achieving a design you’ll love for years to come.

Do it yourself
Cabinets that come flat-packed and ready to assemble on site are generally cheaper and available from DIY stores such as Homebase, Ikea or B&Q.  In-house designers will help you draw up CAD (computer-aided design) plans, but you’ll need to take accurate measurements of your space to ensure what you buy will fit. It’s then a matter of installing the cabinets yourself, or employing a fitter to do the job for you. Some DIY stores offer an in-house design service and you can Buy Kitchen Units Online with them. A representative will visit you at home to discuss your options and take accurate measurements of your kitchen.

Buy ready-made
Ready-assembled cabinets are exactly what the name suggests. The cabinets are built with the hinges fitted and the doors attached, making it much easier if you are doing a DIY job. It also saves time if you have a joiner or kitchen fitter installing your kitchen, as more time on the job means more expense. Day rates for joiners can add up to be quite costly.


Tailor-made solutions
The advantage of opting for a bespoke kitchen rather than something ‘off the peg’ is that one size does not fit all when it comes to kitchen design. With a tailor-made kitchen, any awkward nooks and quirky features of the space can be used to their best effect, maximising the space available.

Perfect fit
The quality of the fit is the most important element of any kitchen project. It’s crucial the fitter is confident in what they’re doing. Your retailer will be able to recommend someone if they don’t have their own fitters on board. Don’t just choose the first installer that comes along because they’re cheap, as you may end up having to hire a new installer or pay out more money for new kitchen units, simply because they’ve not been professionally fitted to a high standard.

In-frame versus frameless
Kitchen doors are either in-frame or frameless. An in-frame door refers to a traditional style of joinery in which the central door panel is inset, and surrounded by a frame around the outside of the door fascia. This door is hinged with a butt hinge, which is visible on the outside of a cabinet.

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, choose frameless doors that eliminate the face frame, giving a sleeker aesthetic.

Which finish?
Whether your budget stretches to solid wood or you opt for a less-expensive material, how it’s finished will have a bearing on longevity, durability and ease of maintenance.

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